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Get the help you and your family need.

The following changes are in place at GoochlandCares due to COVID-19.
Any questions, please call 804-556-6260.

  • Beginning Monday, January 4th, the Clothes Closet is CLOSED for shopping.
    However, clients with critical needs for items from the Clothes Closet
    may call 804-556-6260 to place an order.
  • The Clothes Closet is NOT accepting donations at this time.
    If you have any questions about the Clothes Closet,
    please call our main number 804-556-6260.
  • The FOOD PANTRY continues to provide food to clients through curbside pick up.
    CLICK HERE for information.
  • The Food Pantry and the Medical Clinic ARE accepting donations.
    CLICK HERE for a list of the most needed items.
  • You may also purchase items through your favorite online retailer.
    Ship to: GoochlandCares, 2999 River Road West, Goochland, VA 23063, 804-556-6260.
    Amazon WISH LIST at:
  • For all other programs or services, call 804-556-6260.



GoochlandCares is committed to delivering quality, client-centered services with compassion and dignity.

Twelve critical services allow GoochlandCares to address your individual needs.

Register for Services

Get the help you and your family need. The first step is to register for services.


To receive services, you must meet certain requirements.

Check Eligibility
Other Resources

There are other organizations that may be able to provide additional help to you and your family.


For General Registration inquiries or eligibility questions, call 804-556-6260.

For Medical or Mental Health Care, call 804-556-6260.

For all other services, call Carol Dunlap, 804-556-6260.