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Covid-19 – GoochlandCares Program Updates

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Current Program Operating Protocols

Some safety measures are still in place due to Covid-19.

Registration in person is now available for persons who have been fully vaccinated and can show proof of vaccination with their vaccine card.
Call 804-556-6260 to make an appointment to register by phone or in person.
OR CLICK HERE to register online.
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In-person shopping in the Food Pantry is now available.
Clients wishing to shop in person must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination with their vaccine card.
Curbside service is still available if you prefer, or if you have not been fully vaccinated.
Call 804-556-6260 if you have questions about using the Food Pantry.
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The Clothes Closet is OPEN for shopping..
All shoppers MUST be fully vaccinated AND wear a face mask while in the Clothes Closet.
We are allowing 9 shoppers at a time and shopping is limited to 20 minutes.
Shopping hours are: Tuesdays 9:30 am – 7:00 pm; Wednesdays 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm; Thursdays 9:30 am – 4:00 pm; and Fridays 9:30 am – 3:00 pm.
The Clothes Closet is closed on Saturday and Sunday.
On Mondays, the Clothes Closet is ONLY open for donations. No shopping.
The Clothes Closet IS accepting donations.
We ask that you remain outside. Please ring the Clothes Closet door bell and someone will come to assist you.
Call 804-556-0202 if you have questions about the Clothes Closet.
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Transportation Services ARE operating.
Clients riding the van must be vaccinated AND wear a mask. Only 3 clients in the van at a time.
Call 804-556-6260 if you have questions about Transportation Services.

Critical Home Repair IS scheduling appointments for inspections.
Home Repair inspections cannot be completed unless residents in the home are vaccinated AND wearing a masks.
Children must wear a mask.
Call 804-556-0609 if you have questions about Critical Home Repair.

Emergency Housing is limited to one family per floor.
All residents must wear a mask when sharing any space.
Call 804-556-6260 if you have questions about Emergency Housing.