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Court-Related Community Service Guidelines

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering.

GoochlandCares accepts the service of volunteers satisfying court-related community service with the following guidelines:
  • The individual cannot be volunteering hours related to an offense of
    • violent nature
    • sexual nature
    • theft or burglary
    • distribution or sale of drugs
  • Prior to volunteering, the individual must complete a volunteer application on the GoochlandCares website and include
    • number of hours needed
    • due date
    • nature of offense
  • Volunteers must sign in and out using a GoochlandCares sign-in sheet:
    • Only hours entered on a GoochlandCares sign-in sheet will be entered into our database, and only hours in the database will be used to document community service hours.
    • Be sure to sign IN and OUT.
    • It is recommended that you record hours on a separate sheet to track your hours.
  • Request for documentation of completed community service hours must be made to the Volunteer Coordinator at least one week in advance to the required due date. It is the responsibility of the individual to provide the necessary forms to be completed.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator may contact the probation officer for a referral to determine if the individual qualifies to complete community service hours with GoochlandCares.
  • Individuals completing court-related community service hours will be subject to the same responsibilities and expectations as other volunteers.
  • High school students may not volunteer during school hours.
  • Fulfilling community service hours with GoochlandCares is a privilege, and this privilege may be revoked at any time if the staff feels the volunteer is not meeting expectations, if he/she is not productive, or if he/she is disruptive to our clients, volunteers, or staff in any way that prohibits us from accomplishing our daily activities. A letter of dismissal can be sent to the probation officer if needed.
  • GoochlandCares accepts the service of volunteers satisfying court-related community service with the mutual understanding that such service is at the sole discretion of the organization.