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Our Impact

GoochlandCares is the only organization in Goochland that provides a safety net for those with immediate food, housing, health, safety, and other basic needs.

In calendar year 2020:

GoochlandCares provided a safety net for 2,518 Goochland neighbors with immediate food, housing, health, safety, and other basic needs.

2,068 clinic visits for Medical, Dental, and Mental Health Care helped neighbors stay healthy.

The Food Pantry nourished over 932 families providing 486,479 meals.

The Clothes Closet provided 559 neighbors, including 223 children, with clothing and home goods.

Financial Assistance kept 173 neighbors, including 50 children, in their homes.

Critical Home Repair completed 67 projects restoring 45 homes to safety.

Sexual and Domestic Violence provided services and support for 84 neighbors in crisis and managed 40 hotline calls.

Medical Transportation drove 16,435 miles taking neighbors to 360 medical appointments.

Case Management counseled 513 households needing help with complex social issues.

Emergency Housing provided 29 individuals 1,460 nights of shelter.

CLICK HERE for our one-page 2020 IMPACT REPORT in pdf format.

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